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If a business is not publically traded determining the fair market value of the company and its share price may require a thorough analysis of the organizations financial records and future outlook. There are 3 levels of assurance provided when valuing a business.

Types of Business Valuation

  • Calculation Valuation Report – Low level of assurance, minimal review and analysis. Mainly used for high level review purposes, preliminary analysis.
  • Estimate Valuation Report – Limited review, analysis and corroboration of relevant information, often used for litigation, internal purposes, income tax planning and strategic evaluations.
  • Comprehensive Valuation report – Highest level of assurance, detailed analysis of all relevant factors (business, industry, economy and other relevant factors). Often used for mergers and acquisitions.

Why you may need a Business Valuation

nullMergers and Acquisitions

nullShareholder sales and buyouts

nullShareholder Disputes

nullAsset Rollover- Section 85 CRA filing

nullEstate and succession Planning

nullInsurance Settlements

nullEmployee share purchase and option Plans (ESOPS)

nullMatrimonial litigation and settlements

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