Business Financial Statements in Toronto

Build trust and credibility with accurate and reliable Financial Statements prepared by a Chartered Professional Accountant.

Financial Statements

Financial Statements are the representation of a company’s performance in a given set of time. Relevant and reliable financial statements are essential for its user’s decision making process.

We assist clients prepare yearly, quarterly and monthly financial statements, which will allow them to distribute among key users for assessing business performance. Such as:

nullManagers and supervisors – to assess financial results of key initiatives

nullShareholders and owners – to assess operational and managements’ performance

nullGovernment Institutions – to levy the appropriate taxes and fees

nullBanks and lenders – to ensure the organization meets loan covenants

nullSuppliers – to monitor an organization’s well-being before providing goods on credit

nullUnion – to determine company performance

Some of the Financial Statements we can assist you with are


Income Statements (Profit & Loss Report)


Balance Sheet (Assets and Liabilities of the Company)


Statement of Changes in Owner’s Equity


Cash-Flow Statements


Notes to Financial Statements


Other Financial Supplements

Forms of Financial Statement Engagements:

nullNotice to Reader (Compilation Report)

Financial Statements are prepared based on management provided figures without an audit or review. No assurance provided.

nullReview Engagement (Limited Assurance)

Financial Statements are prepared based on limited discussion and analysis. A full assurance is not provided as this is only meant to ascertain whether statements are believable or plausible.

nullAudit Engagement (Issuing an Opinion)

Financial Statements are provided with reasonable assurance as to the reliability of the Financial statements and related disclosures.

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