CRA Representation and Audit Support Services in Toronto

A CPA accountant familiar with the Canadian Income Tax Act can help protect your rights, and support you with your tax filing needs.

CRA Representation

Dealing with CRA agents can be intimidating, and some individuals tend to accept rulings without fully understanding the auditor’s judgment. Getting familiar with regulations pertaining to your case can help ensure you are treated fairly and efficiently.

We can assist with the following


Frozen Bank Accounts


Salary and Fund Garnishments


Asset Seizures and Liens


Interest and Penalty Relief


Voluntary Disclosure Programs


Payroll and GST/HST Audit Support

Canadian Regulations

The Canadian Tax system is based on a self-assessment principle, meaning filings are sent to the CRA without back-up documentation. Then the CRA has the right to request proof of any claims made, which is most commonly referred to as a “tax audit”.

CRA Audits may entail:

nullSimple request of source documents for transactions claimed

nullCalculation breakdown of figures reported

nullNames and numbers of customers, employees or suppliers

nullFull disclosure of Bank and Visa Statements

nullReview of contracts and agreements

nullVisit to where “books and records” are kept. (you or your accountants office)

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