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Triple M Accounting is built on recruiting talented individuals looking to learn, contribute and collaborate within our team, in addition to growing their careers. One of our recruiting objectives is to ensure we can facilitate growth towards an individual's aspirations, by aligning their life goals with the career they choose to pursue at our firm. We focus on maintaining optimal work-life balance and assigning tasks based on an individual's core strengths.

Open Positions

Students - We support students by helping them to identify their niche within the industry by involving them in a diverse range of projects, as they hone the skills necessary to grow their careers. We assist aspiring CPA's by providing practical experience necessary to obtain their designation.
Bookkeepers - Experienced bookkeepers are a key tool for Triple M Accounting's success, as their attention to detail and proficiency in analyzing and recording data provides our clients with reliable reports. We offer projects in a variety of industries with both on-site and off-site tasks in various work environments. Furthermore, we assist our bookkeepers who are looking to advance their careers by obtaining professional designations.
Experienced Professionals - We place great emphasis on professionals developing their strengths and utilizing them to fulfill their career goals. We offer flexible positions that help achieve an optimal work life balance, while providing an opportunity to propel their careers to the level. We offer in-house and external positions depending on professional strengths and personal preference.

Chartered Professional Accountant

Digital Currency and Tax Consultant

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