Non-Resident Filings/ International Investors

Familiarize yourself with relevant Canadian laws. Let us handle your business and individual needs for non-resident tax returns with CRA.

Canadian Regulations

If you are looking to engage in commercial activity in Canada, there are various regulations that will pertain to your operations. We can assist in determining either yours or your company’s residency status and current tax obligations to the Canada Revenue Agency.


We assist the client with the following


Non-resident corporate filing


Treaty based exemptions and tax waivers (NR 303)


GST/HST registration for non-resident corporations


Payroll setup for non-resident corporations


Setting up Candaian subsidiaries for non-resident parent corporations


Assist with payment to non-resident employees, contractors and shareholders (Withholding Taxes)

Corporations looking to establish a presence in Canada may face various compliance obligations depending on the nature of their
operations. A non-resident corporation can have a presence in a form of:

nullStrictly hiring Canadian employees

Registering non-resident payroll account

nullEstablishing a place of operations

Registering a Canadian Subsidiary

nullGoods & Services

Registering a Goods & Services Tax account

nullImport or exporting goods

Registering an Import and Export account

Individual Non-residents

We assist the client with the following


Clearance certificate for disposition of real estate property in Canada


25% withholding of Non-Resident Rent Collectors-Sec 216 (NR4 and NR6 filing)


Employment and Contractor income (Processing T4 & T4A-NR)


Treaty based exemptions (Regulation 102 and Regulation 105)


Tax waivers based on treaty agreements


Investment income reporting

Non-residents of Canada who have earned income in Canada, or disposed of a taxable Canadian property, should file the appropriate
submission to the Canada Revenue Agency in order to be compliant with Canada’s Income Tax Act.  A non-resident individual may have to file a Canadian return if:

nullEarned employment Income in Canada

File a none resident income tax return

nullEarned Rental income in Canada

Remit monthly withholding tax and file a Section 216 return

nullEarned investment Income in Canada

File a non-resident return and claim taxes through treaty exemptions

nullSold a property in Canada

Obtain a clearance certificate to release funds and non- resident return

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