SR&ED Tax Credit Consulting in Toronto

Let our experienced team of tax consultants assist you to finance your research and development costs with SR&ED tax refunds.

What is SRED?

A taxpayer’s expenditures made for Scientific Research and Experimental Developments (SR&ED) are subject to special tax treatment that can result in recuperation of 35% of expenditures in Tax credits or Tax refunds.

How we can help?

nullHave our expert analyze your R&D activities.

nullDetermine which activities meet SR&ED tax credit requirements.

nullDetermine which R&D costs qualify for the Claim.

nullPrepare a report and potential benefits, $ amount to be derived.

nullSubmit the appropriate schedule and documentation to the CRA.

Why apply for SRED credit?

You can obtain tax credit refunds or reduce your tax liability upto 35% of qualifying expenditures.

Utilize refunds to further finance your companies technological advancements.

A (Canadian Controlled Private Corporation) CCPC is entitled up-to a 35% tax credit of qualifying SR&ED expenditures, upto $3 million dollars of SR&ED expenditures.

A non-CCPC is entitled up to 15% tax credit of SR&ED expenditures.

Are you eligible for SRED?

Corporations, Individuals, Partnerships, and beneficiaries of a trust can qualify for the SR&ED tax credit.

If you or your organization has created a new product, improved an existing one or taken a process and made it better you may qualify.

The scope of work has to fall under one of the below categories:

nullBasic Research

nullApplied research

nullExperimental development

The Key Factor

Determine if you achieved technological advancement by asking yourself-

nullWhat technological uncertainties did you encounter when you tried to develop the product or process?

nullWhat Knowledge did you gain from addressing those uncertainties?

If you are doing a systematic investigation or search by experiment or analysis to advance science or technology, your work qualifies.

Which R&D expenditures qualify for SR&ED refunds?

Expenditures directly related to your SR&ED work can qualify, such as:


Salaries and Wages


Contract Expenditures


Third Party Payments


Material Costs




Other expenditures

Our Costs:

nullWe will provide a complimentary consultation, along with an assessment of your R&D activities and analysis of related expenditures.

nullIf we feel your activities could qualify for the SR&ED credit, we will provide our services on a contingency basis. Which means we would not charge our fees, unless you receive payment or credit through the SR&ED claim. Contact us to learn more.

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