Corporate Tax Filing in Toronto

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At Triple M Professional Corp. has professionals with detailed knowledge of the Canadian Federal and Provincial Tax Laws and Regulation.
Consequently, we make it our priority to share this knowledge with our clients through tax planning, and raise awareness for available tax breaks within the framework of the Canadian Income Tax Act.

Who should file Corporate Tax Returns?

All resident corporations apart from registered charities, need to file a T2 Return for every tax year, even if there are no taxes payable.
This Includes:


Non-Profit Organizations


Tax Exempt Corporations


Inactive Corporations

Non-Resident Corporation

A non-resident corporation has to file a return if, at any time in the tax year, one of the following occurred:

nullThe corporation carried on business in Canada

nullThe corporation had taxable capital gains in Canada

nullThe corporation disposed of taxable Canadian property

A corporate tax filing constitutes submission of a T2 return and corresponding schedules.

Corporate Tax Schedules

Some of the commonly filed Corporate Tax Schedules we assist clients with are:

nullSchedule 1- Net Income (Loss) is converted to taxable Income (Loss)

nullSchedule 2- Charitable Donations

nullSchedule 3- Dividends Received and Paid by the corporation

nullSchedule 4- Corporation Losses to be carried back or forward

nullSchedule 6- Summary of Disposition of Capital Property

nullSchedule 8- Capital Cost Allowance (CRA Depreciation of Capital Assets)

nullSchedule 9- Related and Associated Corporations

nullSchedule 10- Depreciation of Intangible Assets

nullSchedule 19- Non Resident Shareholder Information

nullSchedule 24- First Time Filer after Incorporation

nullSchedule 29- Payments to Non-Residents

nullSchedule 50- Shareholder Information

nullGIFI Schedules 100, 101, 125, 141- Equivalent of Balance Sheet and Income Statements

nullMany other Provincial Schedules from Ontario, Alberta, and British Columbia

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