Looking for a loan or grant approval, then a professional business plan and forecasted financial statement is necessary

A business plan is essential for any entrepreneur in their venture of starting or expanding their business. A well formulated business plan can make the difference between success and failure in any endeavor.

The right business plan for a small business is essential for obtaining financing through business loans, government loans and free grants. A small business loans’ main criteria is a submission of a well rounded business plan complete with corresponding forecasted financial statements.

Financiers and underwriters look closely at how a prepared business plan corresponds with the numerical forecasts presented in the projected financial statements. Having your business plan professionally prepared will provide you with a greater chance of being approved by investors/ financiers and having your vision come to life.

A business plan prepared by Triple M Accounting will contain:

  • Business Summary & History
  • Industry Overview
  • Marketing Plan
  • Operations
  • Finance
  • Risks and Conclusions
  • Forecasted (projected) Financial Statements

Our Forecasted Statement will Contain:

  • 3 Years Projected Profit & Loss Statements
  • 2 Years Worth of Monthly Profit & Loss Statements
  • 2 Years Worth of Monthly Cash-flow statements
  • Opening Balance Sheet
  • First Year Ending Balance Sheet